The first step to identify your belt is to measure the top width and depth of the belt, this will give you the section.

V Belts

Z - Top Width: 10mm, Depth: 6mm    A - Top Width: 13mm, Depth: 8mm    B - Top Width: 17mm, Depth: 11mm   

V Belts are now known to be the basic belt for power transmission. They provide the best combination of traction, speed of movement, load of the bearings and lastly, maintain a long service life.

These are also available in a cogged, molded notched or raw edge belt.

XPZ - Top Width: 10mm, Depth: 8mm    XPA - Top Width: 13mm, Depth: 10mm    XPB - Top Width: 17mm, Depth: 14mm

Wedge Belts

SPA - Top Width: 12.7mm,Depth: 10mm    SPB - Top Width: 16.3mm, Depth: 13mm     SPZ - Top Width: 9.7mm, Depth: 8mm

Kevlar/ Mower Belts

3L - Top Width: 10mm, Depth: 6mm (Also known as XDV38 or Z Section)

4L - Top Width: 13mm,Depth: 8mm (Also known as XDV48 or A Section)

5L - Top Width: 16mm, Depth: 9mm (Also known as XDV58 or B Section)

Our range of belts consists of, Standard V belts, Kevlar V Belts, Timing belts, Wedge belts and an increasing range of Mower belts.

We stock all standard widths and a variety of lengths.If you cannot see a size that you require please contact us.


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