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Oil seals also described as a rotary seal, shaft seal or lip seals, made from synthetic elastomers bonded to metal case.

The main function of this type of seal is to exclude the ingress of dirt, dust, water or any other extraneous substances whilst maintaining lubricant for the seal lip and protecting rotating bearings.

We can interchange part numbers from most manufacturers including TTO, NTK, NOK, CR, Chicago Rawhide, Corteco, INA, TTO, Pioneer, Weston oil seals, KACO and Federal Mogul.

Common Applications: Trailers, Agricultural Equipment, Textile Machinery, Printing Machinery, Automotive Applications, Caravan Wheels, CNC Machinery, Electric Motors

When designing the seal to run under specified conditions, there are many factors to take into account - Speed, Temperature and Medias are just some of the main considerations.

Oilseal Profiles

Rubber Covered Single Lipped Rubber Covered Double Lipped Metal Case Single Lipped Metal Case Double Lipped Totally Metal Cased Seal
 R21 R23 R4 R6 R1
SC TC      
W WA      
B BA     B2
A AS      

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