Mayday Seals was started on May 1st 1980 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Very soon Mayday Seals gained the reputation of supplying the 'little man' as well as large companies. The customer base grew and we started to supply all across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

The philosophy of 'Nothing is too much trouble' for our customers and no matter who you are you always have the best service we can give' really gave the business a good reputation. 


In 1999 the business expanded and bought a unit in Knightsbridge Business Park, Cheltenham. The business continued to grow and survived flooding and a devastating fire which completely destroyed the business in 2006.


Never one to be beaten even on the day after the fire everything was up and running. Customers supported and stayed loyal to us and within a few months it was business as usual.

In 2007 the business changed the name to Mayday Seals & Bearings Ltd and moved on to the Kingsditch Business Park, Cheltenham.

Outside image

Our employees still follow the same philosophy from all those years ago, supplying from our trade counter to the general public and trade customers.


Prescott hill climb

In 2012 we Sponsored a car for the year and at the Prescott Hill Climb, Chris Aspinall took the little Jedi to a Class win at Prescott. He also - and arguably more impressively - got into the second of the 'Avon/BMTR Top Ten Challenge', which is a run off of the fastest twelve (only ten get points) out of the whole field.

 There's a run off after the morning runs and a second after the afternoon runs.

Missing the first run off by about 0.1 he managed to get into the second where the little 1-litre car was amongst such glamorous and powerful machinery as 2.5 litres plus, Goulds, Forces and Pilbeams.