Kevlar Garden Machinery Belts

Kevlar Garden Machinery Belts

Kevlar reinforced belts are ideal for more demanding locations. In most instances a 3L (XDV38), 4L (XDV48), or 5L (|XDV58|) will be perfectly good replacement where a Z, A, B section belt has been previously fitted.

Lawn mowers & and other agricultural machinery often have drives using multiple pulleys and idlers, which operate by a clutching action. This application is very specific and demands special attention to the design and manufacturing of any belts used in the drive.

Kevlar tensile cords combine limited stretch with extraordinary strength and durability.

Available in Kevlar cord constructions, the range includes light duty, classical, wedge & narrow-v sections. (3L, 4L, 5L, Z,A, B, XDV38, XDV48, XDV58,SECTIONS)

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