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The Glacier® range of Bearings and Materials comprise of types DU and DX.

Used in applications in Road, Rail and Aircraft transport equipment, Textile machinery, Agricultural equipment, Electrical equipment, General Engineering, Mechanical Handling and Packaging Equipment.

Suitable for a wide range of both load and sliding velocities as a journal bearing bush or in the form of a thrust washer in both "DRY"  and "WET"  operations.

Glacier® "DU" has a wide range of working temperature from minus 200 degrees C (minus 325 degrees F) to plus 280 degrees C (plus 525 degrees F).     

Friction is low and wear resistance is high due to the "DU" material which uses Lead filled PTFE (fluon) on Bronze as the bearing surface .  PTFE is well known for Anti‑adhesives properties as "always slip" never stick.

We are continuously adding items to our range. If you cannot see a size that you require please contact us.

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